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Best friends with your fitness wardrobe

We are a wholesaler and online retailer of quality sports and fitness wear with a keen focus on maintaining the highest level of customer fulfillment.

Located in the heart of London, a fashion capital of the world, we are the go-to store for the trendiest fitness apparel. We believe that fitness clothing should be exciting, trendy, and fashion-forward; that you should look amazing and feel great while you’re at it.

We were founded in August 2018 by fitness and fashion enthusiasts with a mission to inspire others to live healthily and stay in shape by supplying them with high-quality sportswear designed and created to help them on the way to achieve their fitness and life goals.

We inspire your fitness

At Gymflex, we help you look and feel fit while keeping fit—simply put, we want to outfit your fitness. Beyond fitness clothing, we are inspiring a whole community of people working to improve their lives through a healthy fitness lifestyle. Through our fabulous sportswear, we fuel your drive towards a healthier and better looking you. We also put out useful content to educate people on fitness while keeping them motivated to stay active and on track in their fitness journey.

We stock exciting fitness apparels

We are best friends with your fitness wardrobe. We stock exciting fitness wear and accessories specially designed to accent your beauty while getting you closer and closer to your fitness goals. Our designs make comfort, quality, and beauty top priorities for our products. Our fitness wear is very affordable and easily meets any budget.

We stand out in Customer Satisfaction

We love to curate testimonials from our customers. Our very fast-growing community of highly satisfied customers and repertoire of complimentary reviews is our greatest asset. And we are not surprised that they enjoy using our products. We operate in a unique manner, which allows us to create and supply exciting fitness products of the highest quality standards at the best prices in the industry.

We give back to help save children

Outside our efforts in the fitness and fashion industry, Bodyflex is helping to improve lives through donations to www.unicefusa.org, a UNICEF initiative to help save children’s lives.  

Now you know us

Become a part of our movement to support more and more people on a journey to stay active—to outfit your fitness.

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